AdVantage Telecom's Formula Is For Your Success
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On-Hold System Our expertise goes back to 1992 – over 20 years ....

AdVantage Telecom is in the enviable position of having a large and highly respected national/international account with On-Hold Messaging since 1992.

  • This account is NAPA Auto Parts and its 4 divisions.
  • Here is one Testimonial from NAPA that says it all ....

AdVantage Telecom is the only NAPA-approved on-hold program

While there are a number of regional on-hold messaging vendors marketing their services to NAPA AUTO PARTS stores and NAPA AutoCare Centers, NAPA Headquarters endorses NAPA On-Hold Messaging (AdVantage Telecom, Inc.) alone.

  • AdVantage Telecom has perfected the process to deliver time-sensitive and creative On-Hold Messaging month after month to thousands of NAPA locations.
  • This monthly process is always perfectly executed so the On-Hold Message begins on a given day (when the sales & promotions begin) across the US and overseas. This must run like a fine-tuned clock – and it does. NAPA certainly thinks so. And you will, too!
  • AdVantage Telecom is now expanding our reach to include other National Accounts – because of our proven track record in this area. We believe we are ideally positioned in the On-Hold Messaging market.
  • With 18 years of the same formula to ever-increasing NAPA locations we know exactly how this gets done. You can be assured of this!


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