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Equipment Overview
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Phone Dude AdVantage Telecom works with audio equipment suppliers who manufacture in the USA.

Here's how we like to describe our equipment:

  • out-of-sight, out-of-mind
  • easy to use program
  • working 24/7
  • no-brainer updating
  • few buttons to push
  • reliable customer service to help you with installation

Our newest state-of-the-art equipment software automatically updates via your Internet connection. In other words, our technology does the work. As long as you're connected, you're updated. However, depending on your company's needs we have a full range of equipment options. AdVantage Telecom has proven processes in place to make sure everyone's on-hold messaging is current. No worries. If you'd rather have total control, we can provide customer controlled equipment, too. Tell us about your capabilities, and AdVantage Telecom will provide the right solution for your business.

Do you have a question about telephone compatibility?
Please call us at 1-877-4-ONHOLD (1-877-466-4653).

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