Understanding Music Licensing
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  • Playing commercial radio and/or recorded music from CDs as the On-Hold Music or Background Music in your office, store, or elsewhere is ILLEGAL, unless you have paid licensing fees.

  • Why? By playing commercial radio or recorded music you are "Re-broadcasting" the radio and CDs in a public venue. This is considered "public performance" and violates the law.

  • The radio station has already paid the licensing for you to privately hear the radio program. The same is true for CDs.

  • Legality and illegality stem from U.S. Copyright Laws and whether licensing fees are paid to the respective artists.

  • Licensing fees are paid directly to ASCAP, BMI & SESAC.

  • As the business owner you are responsible to make sure the music is licensed when playing the radio or recorded music.

  • Furthermore, your customer could hear your competitors commercial on the radio. Nothing is worse!

  • Customers who call you are already listening, so don't throw away the opportunity to shape your message and image.

  • AdVantage Telecom includes all licensing fees for our on-hold messaging and background music.

  • Control the content of what your customers hear by calling AdVantage Telecom at 1-877-4-ONHOLD.

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