AdVantage Telecom: A Formula For Success
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20 years of On-Hold-Messaging Experience

AdVantage Telecom is a female-owned and operated organization headquartered in Lambertville, MI, with satellite offices in Atlanta, GA, and the Philadelphia, PA, area.

Initially starting with cassette tape delivery for On-Hold Messaging, AdVantage Telecom continues to seek out the most cost-effective, state-of-the-art equipment, and now offers production delivery through a wide range of media.

Most customers have the unfortunate experience of listening to silence while on hold. AdVantage Telecom's aim is to make something out of nothing; transforming silence into sound – the sound of improved customer service and increased revenue.

Because of our extensive experience with advertising and branding, our dependable team knows the positive effect, well-crafted on-hold messages can have on your business. Additionally, our seasoned team of professionals can create point-of-purchase messages that not only inform but lead customers to purchase on the spot.

Harnessing the power of On-Hold Messaging and Point-of-Purchase Advertising to improve your business – that's what AdVantage Telecom is about. We make on-hold messaging easy!

Our Mission Statement

To help our business clients keep their customers informed and engaged by providing superior on-hold and in-store messages.

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