On-Hold Messaging & Point of Purchase Audio
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No one likes to listen to silence while on hold. Ever thought to hang-up with silence on the other end of the phone? Ever hang-up?

Turn negative time into positive time by informing, educating, and motivating your callers

Why not grab your customer's attention at any time? On-Hold Messaging shapes buying habits, provides useful information and is often your first point of contact with customers. Let AdVantage Telecom help you leave a professional, effective first impression with your customers.

"Your First Voice" – On-Hold Messaging

"Your First Voice" greets customers with thoughtful and professional On-Hold Messaging. On-Hold Messaging allows you to reach a captive audience and occupy its attention by promoting specials, seasonal events, introducing new products, services and simply reinforcing ongoing ad campaigns. Customers will be informed and entertained, and, most importantly, they will stay on the phone.

"Your First Voice" helps build loyal relationships by communicating to every caller, promotes your brand, communicates basic and timely information, up-sells other products/services, encourages impulse buying, answers FAQ's and enhances customer loyalty. This, in turn, will increase sales revenue and maximize sales opportunities.

"Your First Voice" plays informational and educational messages in a continuous loop with courteous pleasantries, reminding your customers that you will take their call in a timely manner. These messages not only enhance your company's image, but they lower caller agitation and decrease caller hang-ups.

"Your First Voice" is a perfect example of turning negative time into a positive business-to-customer interaction. Every moment with a potential customer counts, and on-hold messaging provides you a cannot-miss opportunity to inform, educate, and motivate your customers.

"Night Answer" – After Hours Greeting

"Night Answer" is a 30–60 second out-going only message that captures "after hours" telephone calls.

 "Night Answer" typically states hours of operation, business location, emergency numbers, or any customized information you want your customers to hear, encouraging a call back during normal business hours.

"Oh By the Way!" – Point of Purchase Audio / "Personal Radio"

"Oh By the Way!" Point Of Purchase Audio possibilities are endless, profitable, and always quietly behind-the-scenes. Never loose one opportunity to gently remind customers that today's special is in aisle four, or your company is in the news, or simply to say, "Thanks – your business is appreciated!"

"Personal Radio" is customized so that the Voice Over music matches the location, style, and/or persona of your target customer. That is, we can customize your "Personal Radio" music genres and your Point-of-Purchase messages to your locations, while your On-Hold Message remains the same (if needed). Or, the messages can change. Whatever works best for your sales campaign.

"Automated On Hold Chat" – Interactive Voice Recognition Units

"Automated On Hold Chat" voicing of Automated surveys, automated attendant information, Credit Card Services, etc. 

"Voice Over" – Narration for Website, Power Point, and Other Applications

"Voice Over" can make your Website, Power Point presentations stand out. Includes: Automatic Greetings, General Information, and Mailbox / Voice Mail Options.

"Music To Their Ears" – Music Options

"Music To Their Ears" can work wonders. The wrong music can make people crazy and anxious. Think about the last time you heard music that got under your skin while on hold – or in a business establishment. It's enough to discourage commerce, right?

"Music To Their Ears" can make your customer's time seem much shorter while waiting for you, and they will have a more favorable opinion of your company once communication begins.

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