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How will On-Hold Messaging benefit my business?

Not only is our On-Hold Messaging one of the most cost-effective advertising options, but our customers have told us that the service pays for itself. It brings an increase in revenue and helps to enhance your business's image, or dispel industry rumors, all with a direct line to your caller's ear. One of our customers actually made a $10,000 sale just 45 minutes after installing and using his new On-Hold Messaging program!

How does the whole process work?

After you have decided to enroll in one of our programs, we will research your industry, ask you some pertinent questions for your profile and request your advertising/marketing materials for delivery to our copywriting department. The assigned copywriter will contact you with questions, and will then write a script that will help you with your marketing efforts. The script will be submitted to your organization for editing. You may add or delete as many times as you wish. When it is perfect, it will be sent to the studio to be voiced and mixed with music. The production is then sent back to you.

What do I need in order to play the production?

You will need to have On-Hold Messaging equipment that will connect to your phone system. We have many different options, depending on your specific needs. Some people like a hands on approach, while others are more comfortable with the "do it for me" concept. Either way, our digital equipment is manufactured in the USA, and will produce great audio quality.

If you have VOIP or cloud-based service, you may only need a ULAW, WAV or MP3 file.

How does the equipment connect to our phone system?

Most phone systems have a female or music-on-hold port that takes either an RCA, 1/8" mini or 2-wire connector. The equipment also includes a power supply that will connect to a regular electrical outlet. Normally, the connection is very simple and only takes a few minutes. Depending upon your phone system, there may be times when you may need your phone vendor to make the connection for you. This may be especially true if you are using the "Night Answer" feature, which would connect to your line #1. When connected, the on-hold production will play as soon as the "HOLD" button is pressed.

Will this connection to our phone system interfere with other features?

Not at all. The only thing that the connection affects is the music on hold port, giving you the ability to have on-hold messaging. If you have an auto attendant or voice mail, nothing will change and they will function as normal. We can also provide you with a voice over for auto attendant and voice mail.

How do I know which piece of equipment will work best for me?

If you prefer to use a "do it for me" approach, the equipment that would best suit your needs is one of our auto-download units. We would "send" your production via our computer to the equipment. Magically, your new production will be delivered to you as scheduled, without your having to do a thing except run your business. However, if you prefer a "hands-on" approach, you may want to choose one of our other units that loads into digital memory. We also have a unit that utilizes a USB jump drive sometimes referred to as a memory stick) on which you will download the production that has been e-mailed to you, and then connect it to the USB port in the unit.

Will I own or rent the on-hold equipment?

It depends. Would it be more beneficial to expense the fee quarterly on a rental or own and capitalize your equipment so it can be depreciated? Either way, we offer both options. You will be happy to know that we do not sell your rental paperwork to a third party finance company, so you will only be interacting with us, and we're great to deal with!

What are my options for voice and music for my on-hold message?

With three studios across the country, we have a wide variety of both male and female voice actors. With your preference and industry in mind, we will provide the talent that will best serve your needs. Also, we own a large music library covering all music genres, including holiday selections.

How do you know what length my on-hold productions should be?

Most on-hold companies suggest that you get a four-minute production. Not so with us! We analyze your call patterns and then make recommendations based on the results. That way, your callers should always hear fresh messages.

If I already own on-hold equipment, can you still provide me with productions?

Of course we can, providing your equipment is not from an on-hold company who has given you equipment protected by encryption. If you are not sure, we can help you determine your compatibility by the make, model, or serial number on the bottom of your equipment.

How much will our on-hold program cost?

For multi-location accounts, your program can be as low as just pennies a day. Since it is specifically designed with your needs and budget in mind, it's difficult to put an exact price on it. Plus, price is predicated on several determining factors:

  1. How many productions you will require
  2. The production length
  3. The number of locations participating
  4. The type of equipment required
  5. Billing type-centralized or individual billing
  6. The number of Master locations and satellite locations
  7. The number of contacts required

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