Point of Purchase Advertising
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Woman in supermarket If in-store music and messaging is what you're looking for, we can create the mood and messages to fit your brand.

Benefits of Point of Purchase Advertising
  1. 77% of shoppers prefer a shopping environment with music.
  2. 74% of all purchase decisions are made in-store.
  3. 63% of shoppers buy more from stores that have background music.
  4. 38.2% is the increase in sales realized by the store's point-of-purchase advertising.
  5. 17% increase in time a shopper stays in the store.

In-store music and messaging can help maximize worker productivity, enhance your store's image, and improve your customers' shopping experience.

Music Genres You Can Choose From:

Classical ~ Country ~ Instrumental ~ Jazz/Blues
Latin ~ Pop ~ Rock ~ Urban ~ Variety

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