The A to Z's of AdVantage Telecom's Service Offerings – It's all in the BENEFITS
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Answers FAQ’s

– giving you more productive time to take care of business

Builds rapport

– so your customers will think of you the next time

Cost effective

– works hard for you for just a few cents an hour

Decreases caller hang-up’s

– keeps customers on the phone rather than calling your competitors

Enhances company’s image

– lets your customers know why you’re the best

Frequency counts

– in advertising, repetition of your offerings will stick in their minds

Greets your customers

– a warm, welcoming voice and music addresses your guests

Hire OHM or POP as an employee

– always on the job – never takes a break

Increases sales

– informs listeners of new products, specials, services, promotions, seasonal events, and increases impulse buying

Jingles that are You

– so customers will recognize and remember you

Keeps your advertising fresh

– updated information is critical to your clients

Leaves an impression

– your customers will remember and share with others

Manners Matter

– proper phone etiquette is imperative for your image

Narrate your Story

– customers will get to know you better

Originality Counts

– your clients will be impressed with your uniqueness

Pacesetter in your community

– promotes community events

Quick response

– common questions can be automatically answered, saving you time

Reinforce ad campaigns

– compliments your advertising efforts

Saves $$

– compared to radio, TV, billboards or print advertising

Thank the Customer

– let them know their business is appreciated

Unauthorized use of radio

– we pay your licensing fees for our services

Voice-Over Talent

– to properly represent your company

Worth every penny

– proven by increased revenue and enhanced image

Xpands your marketing efforts

– reaches a larger audience

Yields customer loyalty

– customers are more likely to keep calling you/repeat customers visit more often

Zero effort to spread the word

– your AdVantage Telecom equipment and service does it for you

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