How High Do We Jump? Here's What Our Clients Have to Say!
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NAPA Auto Parts – Louisville, KY (Enrolled since 1998)

Danny Brown

Thank you for the infomercials. They are a wonderful asset to our customer service. The scripts AdVantage Telecom provides are terrific tools aiding us to make monthly changes to our company's website to coordinate our message to the customer.

Thank you dudeNAPA AutoCare Center – Marietta, GA (Enrolled since 1999)

Scott Mowry

AdVantage Telecom On-Hold Messaging Program has been great. Since we put in the updated version five years ago we have had zero problems and have been happy with the education on vehicles that it has provided our customers. When we put our customers on hold, they are updated with information that allows us to "up sell" maintenance that we might otherwise miss.

It is a "No Brainer" that every AutoCare should implement your On-Hold Messaging. We have had ten years of increased sales at our facility. I am thankful for that, and I believe that with products like yours we have been able to excel when others are going out of business.

Buckeye Real Estate Group – Toledo, OH (Enrolled since 2001)

Debra Knoff

We were chosen to be the builders of the Toledo Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

A few days before the official announcement, we were flooded with calls. We realized we needed to add the information about the build to our on-hold message. I contacted AdVantage Telecom. They were extremely accommodating with our very tight schedule and produced a fantastic script for us. AdVantage Telecom's superior service, fast turn-around and exceptionally friendly staff pulled this off flawlessly. I highly recommend AdVantage Telecom.

String canThe Elizabeth Scott Company – Maumee, OH (Enrolled since 2002)

Matt Bucher

In our fast-paced world of long-term care and assisted living, we depend on our staff to get things done as soon as possible for our residents. We also depend on our suppliers to meet the deadlines they provide to us. One company that consistently and professionally comes through time and time again is AdVantage Telecom. They make everything seamless, effortless and at an affordable price. You can count on their word.

Hylant Group – Toledo, OH (Enrolled since 2002)

Bill Pridgeon

In the fast paced and competitive insurance environment of today, the need for effective communication has never been more crucial. Our goal at The Hylant Group is not to have our callers on hold; however AdVantage Telecom has been able to work with us to provide useful and creative messages for those occasions when being on-hold is necessary. Their effective communications expertise, dedication and responsiveness have been a strong component of out growth and success.

VoiPWeber O'Brien Ltd CPA – Sylvania, OH (Enrolled since 2002)

James Weber

AdVantage Telecom has provided On-Hold Messaging service to Weber O'Brien for several years. We constantly receive comments regarding our professional message and have sold services as a result of the message crafted by AdVantage Telecom.

This product is an essential piece of our firms marketing efforts. I highly recommend your services to all my clients on a regular basis. AdVantage Telecom is extremely professional, efficient, very cost effective and quick to respond to the changing needs of our firm and the challenges in the economy. Your product pricing is extremely competitive and fits well within our budget.

NAPA Auto Parts – Manistique, MI (Enrolled since 2007)

Steve Rosebush

On the first day I installed my Sales Booster SELECT, one of my customers was put on hold. When I later took this call, he mentioned that he didn't know that NAPA sold waste oil furnaces. He heard the ad for the furnace while waiting on hold and asked for a price quote. Bottom line, I made a $10,000 sale and my On-Hold Messaging paid for itself the first day of installation. As you can imagine, I am very glad that I made the investment in my NAPA On-Hold Program. I would highly recommend your service for any NAPA store or AutoCare Center.

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